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Stage U — Create and Play Your Original Shooting Game

Create your own shooting game by setting everything just as you like it, from the position of the enemy to the manic shooting action itself.

Choose the type of game that you wish to create, from manic shooting games that fill the screen with bullets, to old-style 8-bit shooting games.

A game can be created with four levels of difficulty, making it accessible to a wide range of users, from beginners to experts.

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■ Rich Editing Functionality ■

Use the editing functionality to create shooting stages easily, using a smartphone or tablet.

▶ The enemy’s position: Place over 700 enemies of 16 different types in stages of approximately 90 seconds. Adjust all the details to create your own stage just as you would like it, including movement speeds and image angles.

▶ Manic shooting: Create the manic shooting action by setting over 10 different parameters, such as type of attack, bullet type, size, power, shooting speed, and more.

▶ Colors: Customize each individual part of every character.

▶ Background Changes: Set the mood of the overall stage, by changing the scroll speed and color of the stage background.

■ Easy to Play and Simple Rules ■

Create an easy-to-play game that can be enjoyed by everyone. Move player character simply by dragging it across the screen. The rules for achieving a high score are also very simple.

▶ To score a point, simply get a gem from the enemy.

▶ Increase your score further by getting closer when attacking the enemy.

▶ Use your enemies cleverly. Obtain a high score by destroying their bullets or changing them into gems.

▶Get through a critical situation by beating enemies that allow you to increase your own power and points.

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■ Stage Sharing ■

Upload your newly created stages so that other players can enjoy them as well.

▶ Ranking : Use the Player Ranking for each level of difficulty to compete against other players for a high score. Check out the popular stages through the Stage Ranking, by looking at user reviews and the number of times they have been played.

▶ New/Staff picks: If you are wondering which stage to choose, check out the list of new stages or the staff recommendations.

▶ Link to Social Media: Create a URL for a stage, so that you can share your own creations or recommended stages with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media, as well as via e-mail or chat.

■ Configuration Functionality to Match your Device ■

Use the configuration functionality to set up the right playing environment to match the size and specification of your device.

▶ Frame size: Change the size of the screen playing area to make it easier to play on your device.

▶ Touch sensitive: Adjust the movement speed of player character to support the size of your device, as well as different operational modes, such as using fingers, touch pens, etc.

▶ Simple draw: Turn on the functionality to simplify images, so that the graphics can move much more smoothly, even on low-spec devices.

Let's create and play your original shooting game!

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